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The ShootProof crew is immersed in the photography industry, and not just on the gallery side of things! Our team is chock full of professional photographers, and as business owners, we’re always on the lookout for services and products that simplify our lives.

So when our friends at Design Aglow offered to let us get a peek of their brand new magazine AGLOW, we were head-over-heels excited. In simplest terms, Design Aglow considers itself to be an all-in-one resource for photographers’ branding, marketing, and selling needs. Their company is focused on bringing the industry back around to selling physical and tangible products that will last a lifetime, and that goal resonates with a lot of us here. We’re all about making things easier and making our businesses look professional at the same time!

AGLOW Magazine

AGLOW Magazine is a quarterly publication designed specifically for discerning photographers, and we were blown away by the luxurious look and feel of the magazine as a whole. We also love that there’s a digital version; the flexibility of being able to read what we want where we want is a definite plus. Some of our favorite features are the “Choice Words” section, where business advice is handed out in a matter-of-fact way, and the “Live & Learn” piece, where well-known professionals share tips and tricks of the trade. We also love the “In Real Studios” section, where readers get a sneak peek of the inner-workings of other successful businesses.

Their magazine isn’t the only reason why we love Design Aglow. Many of us have used the products Design Aglow offers (and is known for), but we especially love the ones that photographers can use in conjunction with their ShootProof galleries.  For example, their Studio Email Assistant is a compilation of professionally-written emails that photographers can use in a variety of difficult situations. When used in conjunction with automated emails, communication with clients is a breeze, no matter what the circumstances call for.

With our recent announcement that digital contracts will available in your ShootProof account in just a few weeks, photographers can also get a great value from Design Aglow’s ready-to-use contracts for weddings, portraits, boudoir, and even cinematography. Studios who aren’t using a legal contract yet (or who just want a refreshed version) will be able to have clients digitally sign their contracts and go completely paperless!

Design Aglow + ShootProof

They’ve also recently released a four-week course on In-Person Sales, and we know that photographers are constantly looking for ways to integrate their ShootProof galleries with different selling techniques. We’re excited for what you can learn to better your business!


Get your copy of AGLOW Magazine!  Save $5 on a subscription or get $5 off a single volume with code SHOOTPROOF5. Valid until May 31st.

Comment below: What Design Aglow tools do you use (or will you use) to better your business?

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