Attention Mac Users! This Tip of the Week is For You

Hi, I’m ShootProof, and I’m a Mac. Are you? If so, here a few simple tips that every Mac user should know – but a surprising number of you may not:

  • To achieve a “right-click” function on your laptop trackpad, simply press control+click.
  • To set up your trackpad to actually be able to right-click, go to System Preferences -> Trackpad and you’ll see all sorts of awesome options. Enable “secondary click” for that right-clicking!
  • Press command+spacebar and you’ll see an awesome search window for programs, files, etc. pop up in the top right of your screen – what a time saver!
  • Command+shift+4 will give you crosshairs to create an instant screenshot of any area of your screen if you need a quick snapshot (let’s not share this one with the to protect your photos from a client’s screenshot).
  • Grab and drag these lines on your dock to make the icons larger, smaller. Right click to customize the options completely and move your dock to the side, make it disappear altogether, etc.

We love our PC users too, and don’t worry, your clients can use any old computer they want to see their photos in all of their glory…but we just love a Mac and want you to love yours too!

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