Before You Buy Photography Equipment Online…

Online shopping lets you price compare, read reviews, and eliminate hassle. However, make sure you do your due diligence before purchasing pricey camera or other photography tools online

  • If it’s new equipment you’re going to be handling, you might want to at least test out the product at a brick and mortar store to make sure it’s a good “fit”
  • When buying online, make sure it is with reputable, secure payment companies
  • Track your deliveries online to check for delivery dates and times
  • If buying from eBay or another user based marketplace, buy from the “Power sellers” or stores with a high positive feedback score if you can. They have a reputation to depend on good feedback in order to keep trading successfully
  • Check out the retailer’s return policy before purchasing equipment just in case an item doesn’t work out
  • If you aren’t familiar with a retailer or their reputation, do a quick web search of their name and see what pops up; lots of criticism or rants are certainly a bad sign
  • Most goods bought new online have manufacturer’s guarantees in place, but check to make sure before buying
  • Be very careful with buying used goods; again, check out a seller’s history and credentials, and when possible, test the equipment before purchasing


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