Brand New Dashboard!


Your new Dashboard is live in your ShootProof account, and the information you need about your business is right at your fingertips! Read on to learn all about what’s new.

New, Dismissible Notifications:

We’ll tell you when an order has been placed and when an order is waiting your approval to be printed at one of our partner labs.  (After a few days, we’ll even remind you that you haven’t yet sent it off!) You’ll also see a notification when an order ships.

You’ll be notified when an Invoice payment has been received, and when one is past due.

We’ll inform you when a contact that’s linked to a gallery has Favorited photos, and when he or she has downloaded digitals.

Find out when you’ve earned free archiving space because  you’ve referred a fellow photographer to ShootProof. (Everybody loves FREE!)

You’ll also find out right away when your sales profits have become available and are ready to be transferred to your bank account.

Click the “X” to dismiss a notification, and Whooosh!  It’s out of your way.

Recent Gallery Activity:

You asked for the ability to see more of this pertinent info, so here it is!  At a glance, you can monitor the most recent activity in your ShootProof galleries– visitors who have selected Favorites, visitors who’ve placed (or not placed) orders, and visitors who have items waiting in their shopping carts.

Click the “view all” link to expand this informational chart, and you’ll be able to compare these stats among more of your galleries.

Lab Order Information & Sales Graphs:

While neither of these two visuals are new, they’ve been updated and now give you a clean, modern view of how your sales are going and how your lab orders are progressing.


Ready to take a peek? Log in to your account now and check it all out!

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a FREE account and see what the buzz is about.

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