Carry Your Camera Everywhere

A great simple tip for improving your photography in general from James Brandon:

In his book Visual Poetry, Chris Orwig states that, “Even without taking pictures, carrying a camera enhances life.” I couldn’t agree more. Carrying a camera is an instant way to put your senses on high alert. It causes you to look at the world as if your camera was always pressed to your eye. It gives you a reason to slow down, to take everything in, no matter where you are. Commit to carrying your camera with you everywhere, at least for a certain amount of time. Take pictures knowing full well that the world may never see them. Create photographs of everyday things, moments in time that normally wouldn’t require a photograph. The trick will be to see these subtle events in a new way, and to find a way to make them interesting. Even if you just use your camera phone, this tip is a solid way to improve your creative eye.

He also suggests as a way to improve your skills only taking a limited memory card with you (not on a job, of course, just when you’re out and about), so that you are forced to choose your photos carefully rather than snap shots of everything you see.

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