Cloud Backup for Photographers

Why risk hard drive failure or damage when cloud archiving is available through ShootProof? In addition to uploading, sharing, and selling your event photography, you can now use ShootProof’s cloud backup for securely storing your photos online at a 50% reduced rate!

Cloud Backup for Photographers


Quick facts about ShootProof Archiving for cloud backup:

  • New price is $1 per month for 10 gigabytes and $0.10 per gigabyte thereafter – as an example at 5MB per image you can store 2,048 images for $1 per month.
  • SP cloud storage is 400x more reliable than typical hard drives.
  • Multiple copies of photos stored in geographically different locations.
  • Archived photos do not count against your ShootProof plan total.
  • Events can be unarchived at any time with enough space in your plan.
  • Photos in archived events can be viewed and downloaded by you.
  • Archive your old events instead of upgrading plans or deleting.



Interested in archiving an event now? Head on over to your studio panel Event tab.

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