Coming Soon…Packages! Promotional Codes! Discounts!

We had plans to release a feature soon after our launch to allow you to create a basic package of photos…BUT we decided to take it one step further. Or maybe a few miles further. We decided to put in the time to create an entire discount system that will create many more features that will be provide more value and flexibility to our photographers. These features will include a multitude of sales tools for you:
Custom packages
Promo codes (great to use for sales or print credits)
Sale-dependent discounts (“buy 2 8×10’s, get 1 free”, “spend $200, get free shipping”, or 10% off all orders over $75)
The combinations of offers, discounts, promos, and sales that you can provide are endless. AND, we’ll help you to understand how this can help you maximize your sales!

These new online photo proofing ordering features are COMING SOON, and don’t worry, it will be worth the wait.

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