Digital Contracts for Photographers Have Arrived!

That’s right, you heard correctly… You can now create, send, and sign contracts, model releases, agreements, and more — right within your ShootProof account!

Shop the Contracts Marketplace, or Use Your Own

Have a contract you love? Use it! It’s easy to copy and paste your existing document right into ShootProof, and then customize and edit it to fit your needs.

Just starting out in the contracts world? We’ve got it covered. Purchase ready-made professional templates from photography industry leaders such as TheLawTog®  and The Youngrens, and put them to use right away with your own clients.ShootProof-Contracts-Digital-Signature

Digital Signatures on Any Device

Because your ShootProof contracts and documents can be accessed and signed on any device, keeping your clients connected and your “paperwork” organized has never been easier! Clients can sign with a mouse, on a trackpad, or with their fingertips. Plus, you can allow two client signatures on a single photography contract – so you can send it to the bride AND the groom, with just a single click.

Tools That Help Your Workflow

Create and customize contract templates that can be used over and over again, and stop recreating the wheel! Use “variables” to input client information automatically, and use “blanks” to put a placeholder in your documents for things you’ll want to fill in later, like the wedding venue or the total price of a package.


We’re so excited for you to digitize your business with Contracts!


Need contracts but don’t have ShootProof? Sign up for a free 30-day trial!

Already a ShootProof user? Create your first contract now!


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