EXIF Keywords Gallery Search

Interested in having search in your client galleries for EXIF (IPTC) keywords from Lightroom, Aperture or other EXIF data editors of your choice? Now you can with ShootProof! As an event setting you can optionally set up search for a given event and you can customize the display of the search field. For instance, if you photograph a race and then enter EXIF keywords in Lightroom for the race number(s) associated with each photo, those numbers can then become searchable by your clients when looking for photos of their race number as an example in your gallery.

Following is an example of where your custom text will display as a gallery visitor performs a search in the gallery. In this example “Race Number” was entered in the event settings as the search criteria for this event.



Once your client enters their search criteria, photos will filter down to only show your gallery visitor the images containing the EXIF keyword that are in the gallery matching that search. Of course, the gallery visitor will also be able to continue viewing the broader gallery assuming they have the appropriate privilege to other albums in the event, e.g. password(s) if needed. Following is an example of a search for race number 86.


Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 1.59.11 PM


You can also obtain links directly to a given keyword of photos, e.g. a specific racers photos in the above example and email that link directly to the appropriate client(s). Learn more about direct URLs to specific keywords and how to set up EXIF keyword search for client galleries in ShootProof. Contact support@shootproof.com to turn this capability on for your account at no charge!


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