How much money does it cost you to sell photos on those other sites?

Let’s look at a few pricing models for the photographer looking to sell event photos online.

If you were to make sale of $1 for every photo you have for online proofing (if you had 50 photos for a portrait session, you should be selling at least a $50 order – this example is using extremely moderate assumptions!) You have 500 photos online for proofing. You receive $500 in orders. How much are you paying?

On ShootProof, with 500 photos online, you’re paying $10 per month. Chances are, if you have 500 photos online, you’re selling more than a single $500 order, but we’ll keep our example nice and even.

On a photo proofing site that keeps a percentage of your sales, let’s say 18%, which is what many of the services in this model use – that order just cost you $90. And we’re not factoring in any monthly fees that you may have in addition to your commission charges!

Now, as your business grows, in our same example, with ShootProof, that $10 you’ve paid actually gives you room for 1,500 photos – so you can put 3 times the amount of photos online, make 3 times the amount¬†of money, and you’ve still only spent $10. How about that percentage-based service? Your $1,500 sales total cost you $270. With ShootProof? $10. Doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out which is better for your photography businesses bottom line.

Flat rate = known costs, and you can scale your business without losing any more money. Stop giving your sales dollars away today!

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