Huge Improvements in Shipping!


Now, charging your clients for shipping is easier than ever! We’ve introduced common sense customization that works for your business, and we’re confident you’ll be happy when you see the options and how easy they are to implement.



Pass Lab Costs on to Your Client

It’s now much simpler to automatically pass the lab’s shipping costs on to your client. No crazy algebra problems to solve — just one simple click.



Allow Clients to Choose Shipping Speed at Checkout

One of our most requested features regarding shipping was the ability to let clients choose their shipping speed at checkout.  Now, you can give your clients the chance to upgrade their shipping method when they pay for their orders.


custom-shipping-pricesSet Custom Shipping Speeds and Rates

We’ve introduced the ability to name and price your own custom shipping rates. With this feature, you can specify different shipping options (as well as studio pickup!) easily and without confusion for your clients.


Have an account?  Log in and head over to your Pricing tab to check out the changes.

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