Improvements in Digital Download Delivery!

We’re excited to announce a handful of new features you can begin using today to enhance your studio’s digital download sales. We’re confident you’ll love the improvements we’ve made to help you sell and share your work.

Download Directly to Mobile Devices

icon download mobileYes, you heard that right – your clients can now download single digital files directly to their phones or tablets! When you turn on your one-click free digital downloads, clients will have the opportunity to choose photos to store directly on their mobile devices. Get your clients sharing your work even faster than before!


Send a Link to Download Favorites

download-client-favoritesAfter your client has starred his or her Favorites in a gallery, you can send a link to download them all with one easy click.  Did your client already pre-pay for a set number of downloads? Have them Favorite the ones they want, and send them over in a jiffy.  Want to offer your portrait clients the digital files of the prints they ordered? Have them Favorite their purchased prints, and send the downloads easily.


Download All Photos in an Album for Free

download-albumClients now have the option to download all photos in an individual album for free, with just one click.  Wedding and Event photographers will truly enjoy this feature, as it means there is now a convenient way for clients to download groups of images without having to choose them one by one.

You can also send clients a link via email that allows them to download all files in a specific album without turning on free digitals.


Sell “All Photos in an Album” as Digital Downloads

You always had the ability to sell your clients single files or all of the photos in their Event galleries through ShootProof.  Now, we’ve made it possible for clients to purchase all of the photos in a single album!  School photographers will love the ease with which parents can make purchases of just their own children.


Want to learn more about selling and sharing digital downloads through ShootProof? 

Check out our Knowledge Base, where you can get answers to all of your questions and see step-by-step tutorials on how to make digital downloads work for your business.



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