Integrate ShootProof Galleries into Your Website with Flothemes

The creatives at Flothemes have whipped up a brand new integration, and ShootProof users are going to love it!

Flothemes is well-known for their beautifully customizable WordPress templates, but now, photographers (or their website designers) can download the FloLink plugin and give clients the ultimate experience when viewing their photos.


When you use FloLink, ShootProof galleries are integrated right within your website, and it’s as simple as installing, connecting, and adding the shortcode. Choose which galleries you want to link to WordPress, and have them showcased directly on your site.


FloLink can display a grid of galleries or it can showcase a single gallery on any page or post on your website. The gallery passwords will work just as expected, and you can set up digital downloads, as well.  (Want to see it in action? Check out a demo here — the top secret password is “password.”)

Excited to get started? Get the FloLink plugin now.

Already using FloThemes and ready to check ShootProof out? Sign up for a free account!


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