Keep Your Photos Safe – Forever!

[***Updated May 2013] There are two types of photographers: those who have had a hard drive go bad, and those who WILL have a hard drive go bad.

Backing up your photos is a necessary part of your workflow as a professional photographer. The images of that newborn or wedding can never be recreated if some accident causes you to lose your original images. Most photographers guarantee a backup of images to their clients for a certain period of time, and you should want to keep a history of your work as well, but all sorts of events could cause you to lose your images. Aside from accidentally erasing a memory card, what if your computer crashes, your house floods, or the disc you’ve burned your images to just won’t load? Trust us, all of those things can happen. If it’s never happened to you, it will. So don’t wait for the inevitable, be proactive in setting up your photo storage process.

Photography best practice says that you should back your photos up in triplicate, each in geographically different locations. Three copies in three different places. ShootProof can help.  We now offer photo archiving for long term storage of the photos that you need to backup. With the click of a button, you can move your events in their entirety from their ‘active’ status to an archive, where we’ll store them for you. Your pictures are redundantly stored on multiple hard-drives in the cloud to ensure no photos are lost.  The storage system used by ShootProof stores photos in such a way that it is 400 times more reliable than a typical hard-drive. And, it’s only $0.20 per Gigabyte per month ***Update, now only $0.10 per Gigabyte per month. There is a $1.00 monthly minimum to utilize the archiving service. We’ll let you know exactly how much it will cost to archive an event based on the size and number of photos, so you’ll have no surprises.

Start storing your photos with us and have the peace of mind that your hard work is taken care of and you can access it whenever you need!

Some other photo storage tips:

  • Take a minute during a large event to dump your memory card to your laptop, creating an instant temporary backup
  • Keep your memory cards separate from your camera bag (like in your pocket or purse) in case your camera or bag is stolen (it happens…)
  • Trade hard drive storage space with another photographer for an extra backup copy of your photos (though to be truly geographically different locations, they should be spread further than your hometown – a natural disaster could easily wipe out two copies in the same city)
Don’t spend too much time thinking of all of the ways you could lose your photos (it’s morbid, really) – instead, use our one-click archiving to save your photos in the cloud in an efficient, safe, and inexpensive way!
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