Lab Fulfillment is here!

ShootProof is now integrated with Bay Photo Lab, Black River Imaging and ProDPI!

You can choose a lab for a given price sheet (new price sheets) and then select lab items for sale from prints and canvases to metals along with your own custom self-fulfilled items. You will see the lab cost and can apply markups and see your profit, as always with NO COMMISSIONS. All of these new features come with no additional charge!

ShootProof Lab Integration (*new) – Quick Facts:

  1. Lab Partners are Bay Photo, Black River Imaging, and ProDPI
  2. Lab products include Prints, Canvases, and Metal Prints
  3. No commission fees
  4. No minimum orders
  5. Mark up the price for lab items with ShootProofs markup tool
  6. Self-fulfillment is still available, using lab partners is not required
  7. You can self-fulfill some items and sell lab items all in the same order
  8. Client cropping in the galleries is now available prior to checkout
  9. Create multiple lab price sheets to use different labs for different events
  10. After receiving a client order with lab items you can:
    1. Upload an image retouch to replace an ordered photo
    2. Approve which items go to the lab
    3. View client cropping from gallery and make adjustments
    4. Choose your shipping method and the order delivery address
    5. Confirm lab item charges and send the order to the lab!
  11. No changes to an order, easily submit orders to labs within seconds
  12. Shipping options include Ground, 2Day, and Overnight
  13. All labs can ship to your studio/home or directly to your client
  14. Order shipping tracking will be available on the order page

More new stuff!  ShootProof Payments is now a payment gateway option ***Your profits can be deposited electronically directly to your bank, no minimums and no commissions. Another great thing about ShootProof Payments is that your clients no longer have to leave your gallery to finalize checkout by being sent to PayPal Рthey can stay on your gallery and have a seamless ordering process!

ShootProof Payments (*new) – Quick Facts

  1. ShootProof Payments is used to process client orders instead of PayPal
  2. Available even if you do not use ShootProof lab partners
  3. Change your payment gateway under the ‘Preferences’ tab
  4. See available funds, ins and outs in your ShootProof ‘Payments’ tab
  5. Clients will not leave the gallery like PayPal as an example to checkout
  6. ShootProof takes care of paying the labs on your behalf
  7. No commission fees
  8. Profits can be directly deposited via ACH to your bank account
  9. No minimums for withdrawal
  10. Send profits from your ShootProof Payments account anytime
  11. Automated weekly or monthly payments can be sent to your bank
  12. Low credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30
  13. No monthly merchant account fee
  14. Receive an electronic 1099 for your taxes per IRS guidelines

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