Lightroom Plugin Makes Photo Uploads Easier!

The ShootProof Lightroom Plugin is a free Publish Service that allows you to create galleries and album structures, and upload photos directly to ShootProof from Lightroom.

The plugin will keep your work in sync; edit or remove a file from a gallery in Lightroom and simply Publish the update to ShootProof.

Learn more about the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin:
Behind The Shutter: ShootProof + Lightroom = Better Together

Lightroom words for ShootProof functions:
1. “Published Collection Set” = “Gallery” or “Album”
2. “Published Collection” = “Photos” in an Gallery or Album
3. “Publish”  = “Upload Photos” and “Create Galleries / Albums”

Visit the knowledge base for tips on how to keep Lightroom and ShootProof in sync for your Galleries going forward.

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