Making Invoices Work For You

Invoices can be used to collect payments for session fees, deposits or retainers, additional services or print items, and more.

Invoices can be paid by credit card online or in person, and can be broken down by a deposit and a final payment. You can also send automated emails to your clients to let them know an invoice is coming up or past due. Here are some ways you might use the Invoice tool in your account:

Have clients pre-pay for their portrait sessions, or collect up-front fees before the day of the event

DEPOSITS AND RETAINERS: Send an invoice for an entire amount due (say,  a wedding package) and have the invoice automatically calculate a percentage (or a set dollar amount) to be paid as a deposit or retainer.

CHANGES IN ORDERS: Client placed an order and now wants to make a change? Easily bill the client for the difference in pricing.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Send invoices for items that you sell outside of ShootProof, such as coffee table books, albums, accordion books, and more.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Do you charge for cakes for your cake smash session? Bill your clients for re-opening a gallery past its expiration date? Use an invoice!

UPGRADES & ADD-ONS: Easily collect payment for the extra things your clients add on to their normal packages or orders, such as extended hours for event coverage, second shooters, photo booth rentals, make-up artists, etc.

TRAVEL EXPENSES: Calculate your travel fees and send clients an invoice for payment for those out-of-area sessions and events.

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We’d love to hear how you’re making Invoices work for your business! Comment below and let us know.

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