It’s here!….Packages, Promotions, Discounts

Have you been looking for a way to ramp up your sales, get creative with marketing promotions, and sell packages? Well, after months of hard work and planning, we have what we consider the BEST sales tool for your photography business. We have just added the ability to sell your photos in almost any manner you can imagine. Everyone loves a good sale, and your clients are no exception.

What’s New?

Automatic Digital Downloads

Choose to offer any or all of our four sizes of digital downloads – original upload size, plus three other sizes, and you set the price. Your client will receive an email with the download link once they’ve paid for their order.

Product Groups For Price Sheets

Create groups such as gift prints, canvases, specialty items, etc. for items within your price sheet; no scrolling through a long list of items! You create and name groups, and as always, choose all of the items and prices you wish to offer. You can create items in the ‘ungrouped items’ category and drag and drop into a different group.
As the studio, you’ll see:
Groups for sales items on your price sheet
And your clients will see in their shopping cart:

Packages, Discounts, and Promotions

Now here’s the really good stuff…we’ve created a series of sales tools for you to choose from to offer sales, apply print credits, create packages, and more. We have countless (really, we got tired of counting) ways to implement these tools to sell more photos. Our discount wizard will walk you through step-by-step to create your own custom discounts, promotions, packages, and more.
We encourage you to play around with the options and see what works the best with your market. In the coming weeks, we’ll give you some ideas and tips on great sales techniques (hint: traditional ‘packages’ aren’t necessarily the best way to create bulk sales…) Here are SOME of the things you can do under the ‘Discounts’ tab…
  • Choose if a discount is applied automatically to all orders or only if a promo code is entered (enter code BRIDESMAID to receive 10% off your order!)
  • Give a print credit (use promo code 100CREDIT to apply your $100 print credit)
  • Set the number of times a discount can be received per order ($5 off your first 11×14 OR $5 off all 11×14’s)
  • Create multi-image packages; select the quantity of each item needed to receive a total package price, and your client enters their selections one at a time until they meet your package; price automatically changes in their shopping cart (showing the great savings they are receiving!)
  • Create specials for a group of items (15% off all metallic prints!)
  • Create discounts based on sales tiers (spend $300 or more and receive free shipping OR spend $500 and get 10% off)
  • Set conditional discounts (buy 10 prints, get 1 free! OR buy 10 prints for $10! OR buy a canvas, get an 8×10 for $.01) – you dream it up, you can probably do it.

As the studio, if you create this discount:studio discount on ShootProofYour client will see these savings in their shopping cart:

ShootProof shopping cart discount client view
We are very excited to introduce the biggest upgrade since ShootProof’s launch! We always welcome your feedback, suggestions, and unadulterated praise at support(at)
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