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It’s time to reboot your photography business plan for 2019! Our guide will help you set achievable goals and fine-tune your brand – for FREE!

You’ve set a New Year’s resolution: to eat more vegetables, read one book a week, or cut back on screen time. Or perhaps you’re adopting a focus word or theme, calling 2019 your “year of yes,” or “year of no,” or “the year I quit adopting every stray cat I encounter.”

But do you have a resolution for your photography business?

It’s important each year to find fresh focus and purpose. Renew your commitment to your creativity and your clients with a rebooted photography business plan, fine-tuned for the next 12 months. By outlining your goals, establishing your priorities, and taking a deep-dive into your dreams, you’ll build a business that’s more successful – and more fulfilling – than the year before.

Are you photographing what you want to photograph? The Planning Guide will help you align your dreams with your trajectory! | Photo: Ben & Colleen

Refresh your photography business plan with a FREE 2019 Planning Guide!

You can interact with the Planning Guide online, but we recommend printing it out. Hand-write your ideas to solidify them, and doodle in the negatives spaces to stimulate your imagination.

Reboot your photography business plan for the new year!
Get your FREE Planning Guide when you click the pop-up box below! | Cover Photo: Ben & Colleen

Get Focused: The 2019 Planning Guide for ShootProof Photographers

Get the guide, and we’ll email you a booklet of PDF worksheets dedicated to:


  • Set goals and priorities for the coming year – both professional and personal.




  • Map out your money situation so you know exactly how healthy your business is – and could be!
Reboot your photography business plan for the new year!
Is your workspace conducive to productivity? The Planning Guide will help you hone your efficiency, so you can work smart and #FocusOnWhatMattersMost. | Photos: Ben & Colleen

What will your 2019 look like?

Use the Planning Guide to refocus and refresh your photography business plan, then share what you’ve learned in the comments below. 

Maybe your dreams will inspire someone else’s!

Written by ANNE SIMONE | Photographs by BEN & COLLEEN | Planning Guide Written by RACHEL LACOUR NIESEN

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