May 2020

Ep. #5: Business Owner at 17 with Hope Taylor [PODCAST]

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In episode #5 of Find Your Focus, photographer Hope Taylor reveals how she left school at 17 and forged her own path to creative success.

Business Owner at 17:

Pushing Past Judgements and Forging Your Own Path to Success

Feat. Hope Taylor

Episode #5 show notes

Sometimes, we need to learn how to push past the judgements of other people, live the life we want to live, and forge our own path to success.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to someone who did just that. My guest is Hope Taylor, the owner of Hope Taylor Photography. She is not only a photographer but also has a YouTube channel with tons of amazing resources for photographers.

During this interview, Hope shares with us how she managed to start her business while she was still in high school. Yes—I said high school! She also explains her decision to leave college and pursue photography full time (and how her parents reacted to that decision.)

Hope goes on to share advice with students in high school or college that might be looking to start a business of their own, so make sure to tune in to this episode! Her story is truly inspiring.

Key moments in this episode

  • Hope tells us what got her interested in photography and how she started a business at 17
  • How Hope’s parent’s reacted to her dropping out of college
  • Hope explains how photography became an outlet for her love of business
  • Advice from Hope for high school or college students wanting to get into photography
  • The importance of learning to push past judgement and criticism and believe in yourself
  • What Hope would have done if she didn’t get into photography
  • Hope tells listeners about Happy Hour with Hope


“I was always balancing school and work, and so I wanted to just see what life would look like if I could put 100% of my effort into my business.” — Hope Taylor [0:08:42]

“For a lot of people, photography is an artistic outlet and it turns into a business. For me photography is my outlet for my love of business… it gave me a tool to learn more about business.” — Hope Taylor [0:11:13]

“The biggest encouragement (from an emotional standpoint) that I can give is just to really believe in yourself and stay true to what you want your life to look like.” — Hope Taylor [0:13:38]

Links mentioned in today’s episode

Hope Taylor Photography
Happy Hour with Hope
Hope Taylor Photography on Instagram
Hope Taylor’s Blog

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