Jun 2020

Ep. #9: Deliver Major Value with IPS w/ Jenni Maroney [PODCAST]

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In episode #9 of Find Your Focus, photographer Jenni Maroney explores how to earn MORE with valuable In-Person Sales.

Deliver MAJOR Value with In-person Sales

Feat. Jenni Maroney

Episode #9 show notes

Most of us get into photography for the love of the art—not for the love of selling. In fact, many photographers feel super-uncomfortable when it comes to selling their products and services.

We talk with Jenni Maroney, a successful newborn photographer, who reveals how in-person selling (IPS) can help you earn more and develop stronger relationships with your clients without being sleazy. Jenni explains how IPS isn’t about squeezing dollars out of a client but about adding to the value that you provide as a photographer.

As Jenni points out, many clients aren’t visually-minded, and they need guidance with curation, sizing, and printing. IPS allows you to hold their hands throughout the process and give them an incredible purchasing experience, all while increasing your income.

Jenni shows that this simple, fast process results in happier clients, increased referrals, and repeat business! Learn how to flip the script, maximize your offerings, and earn more money through IPS.

Key moments in this episode

  • Jenni talks about her 20 years of photography experience
  • How Jenni found her photography niche
  • What led Jenni to innovate on her newborn photography service
  • Jenni’s lesson; don’t give clients homework
  • Why in-person sales are not hard sells
  • The importance of forming relationships with clients
  • Why IPS is about setting expectations and walking clients through service delivery
  • That well-integrated IPS is not time-consuming
  • The benefit of IPS for clients; they might not be in a visual field—they need your guidance
  • Limiting your package numbers to streamline your offerings
  • Hear Jenni’s advice on jumping into IPS
  • How you can approach your clients so that increasing your offering benefits them
  • Learn about Jenni’s method of delivering digital collections


“I wanted my clients to be able to print something right after their session. I wanted them to be able to walk past a frame in the hallway and feel joy every single time they see it.” — Jenni Maroney [0:07:09]

“When you get an inquiry, the first thing I suggest doing is picking up the phone. Build a relationship from the very beginning and then you won’t get ghosted.” — Jenni Maroney [0:08:17]

“I challenge all photographers out there to try in-person sales. I covered the cost of investment in the very first IPS session I did.” — Jenni Maroney [0:18:07]

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