Jul 2020

Ep. #11: How to Recover from Economic Downturn [PODCAST]

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In episode #11 of Find Your Focus, host Logan Fahey explores how our photography businesses CAN recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Surviving the Storm of COVID-19: How to Recover from an Economic Downturn

Feat. Logan Fahey

Episode #11 show notes

During this unprecedented, uncertain time where many industries have been closed, the thought of reopening your photography business can be very exciting.

But rather than rushing in, it’s important to think about certain things before getting back to normal. This includes ensuring you are complying with all the necessary laws and having the required legal provisions in your contract.

Along with this, Logan shares the five ways she is keeping herself and her clients safe. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable getting back to business, you can find other ways to make money through photography, and whatever you decide, Cole’s Classroom is here for you!

Key moments in this episode

  • Number one tip for reopening — Make sure you comply with local and state laws
  • Number two — Ensure that your contracts have COVID-related provisions
  • Number three — Be certain that you are comfortable with shooting during this time
  • Five ways that Logan is keeping herself and her clients safe when shooting currently


“You need to feel comfortable and confident in what you decide.” — Logan Faye [0:03:15]

“The thing that you need to think about after you made sure that you are legally allowed to reopen is, how are you going to keep yourself safe and how are you going to keep your clients safe? Think about all of those things. Don’t rush into reopening.” — Logan Faye [0:05:39]

Links mentioned in today’s episode

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