Ep. #27: Find Your Brand Identity w/ Abby Grace [PODCAST]

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In episode #27 of Find Your Focus, photographer Abby Grace guides photographers to define an authentically unique brand message.

Authentically YOU: 6 Steps to Establishing Your Brand Identity

Feat. Abby Grace

Episode #27 show notes

With more than 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, Abby Grace is a Washington, D.C.-based photographer whose work has been published by top editors, and whose workshops are widely attended by business-focused photographers.

In this episode, Abby outlines six necessary steps for establishing your brand identity.

In order to market anything—your product, your company, your ideas—you first need to define your unique brand. Your brand is so much more than your logo or website, however. A cohesive brand is a full identity, encompassing everything from your photography style to your client experience to your deliverables.

Key moments in this episode

  • Abby introduces herself and her business, which encompasses both wedding and branding photography
  • Understand common misconceptions about what a brand actually is
  • Learn what it means to create a brand identity and why it’s important
  • Explore your “why,” values, strengths, audience, voice, and messaging
  • Get to know your audience—and stop wasting $$$ on the newest website templates
  • Allow your brand identity take shape slowly over time
  • Get to know your ideal client
  • Understand what it means to craft a message that your ideal clients will relate to
  • Learn why every photographer needs their own professional headshot
  • Accept that your brand will evolve over time
  • Investigate the possibilities for your brand colors using a unique approach to market research


“If you think of [your brand] as a tree, your brand visuals are your trunk and the leaves, but your brand identity is below the surface. That’s the soil, that’s where your tree is planted, that’s the roots, that’s the seed that the tree originally started with. You can’t have the visuals if you don’t have what’s below ground.” — Abby Grace [0:06:17]

“The best advice that I can give for someone who is trying to establish a brand identity is, if you’re not sure, start by examining those six factors. Again, those are your why, your values, your strengths, your audience, your voice, and messaging.” — Abby Grace [0:10:25]

“A personal brand is about crafting a message and a persona, selecting pieces of your personality that your ideal clients resonate with, so that you become the one that they want to work with and then that in turn allows you to use your gifts to meet their needs.” — Abby Grace [0:19:53]

“Who you are now is not the same business owner that you are going to be 10 years from now. It is okay that your brand grows and changes with you, but I needed my brand to give me some breathing space to figure out who I was, so that I wasn’t pigeonholed to one area and not able to grow or expand from there, because my visual brand was so specific.” — Abby Grace [0:32:16]

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