Nov 2020

Ep. #30: A Boost of Courage w/ Logan Fahey [PODCAST]

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In episode #30 of Find Your Focus, host Logan Fahey invites you to get courageous and overcome your photography fears.

How to Overcome Your Photo Business Fears

Feat. Logan Fahey

Episode #30 show notes

Running any business is hard work, and photography businesses come with an especially unique set of challenges.

In today’s episode, I dive directly into discussing the most common fears photographers face. We’ll explore how to tackle those challenges head-on and the best solutions for each.

First, we’ll crush imposter syndrome with a reminder to never compare your photography journey to someone else’s. I also challenge the idea that you can’t charge your friends and family for photography (you can—and should!), and explain why you should tap into those grade school math lessons if you want to build a sustainable business.

Learn to value your work, and to never feel bad about charging a fair price. Then we’ll discuss the inevitable difficulties you’ll encounter when handling tough clients.

Tune in today, and kick your fears to the curb!

Key moments in this episode

  • Overcome the feeling that you’re not good enough
  • How to book (and charge) friends and family for your photography services
  • The effects of overcharging
  • Why you need to become “a numbers person” if you want to run a successful business
  • How to deal with difficult clients.
  • The types of questions you should include in your client questionnaire


“You cannot compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20. What you see online in someone’s gallery is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication to honing their craft. For each stunning website gallery image, there are probably dozens of misfires, stupid smiles, awkward poses, and crappy lighting.”—Logan Fahey [0:00:59]

“If you want to have a successful photography business, you have to stop giving things away for free.”—Logan Fahey [0:03:16]

“Running a photography business—or any business for that matter—is not easy, but you can let your fears get in the way. The thing is, is that fear keeps us from realizing how much freedom we have when we ditch it.”—Logan Fahey [0:08:45]

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