Ep. #31: Canva for Photographers w/ LaShonda Brown [PODCAST]

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In episode #31 of Find Your Focus, LaShonda Brown shows how Canva helps photographers create quality design.

Easy-Peasy Design: Canva for Photographers

Feat. LaShonda Brown

Episode #31 show notes

Today’s guest is LaShonda Brown, an award-winning corporate film producer and Squarespace expert based in Virginia. LaShonda is also a Canva expert—she uses the graphic design platform to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.

In this episode, LaShonda shares actionable tips for using Canva, reveals the BEST overlooked features, and offers advice for creating stellar graphics.

LaShonda is a firm believer that anyone can use Canva to produce high-quality graphics for their photography business without any graphic design experience—which makes it an accessible tool for everyone!

Tune in to learn about Canva’s impressive animation feature, and whether to choose Canva’s free or pro account.

Key moments in this episode

  • LaShonda describes Canva as a magical website that helps you create high quality visuals with no experience and a low budget
  • Learn most common things photographers use Canva for, like Instagram story templates
  • Commonly overlooked Canva features, including the stock photo library and audio tracks
  • How to up your Canva game with the animation feature
  • The number one Canva mistake photographers make…
  • Pro versus free: LaShonda explains why photographers should upgrade
  • Get Canva training on LaShonda’s YouTube channel


“For people who are solopreneurs, or find themselves in the nonprofit world, or just really tight on cash, [Canva is] a great way to whip something together that looks really well-done.”—LaShonda Brown [0:04:09]

“There is a lot you can do within that platform, and I would encourage you to just click around, be creative, and—even if you haven’t used the application within the last month or so—I guarantee you they have new features added that you didn’t even realize were there.”—LaShonda Brown [0:10:53]

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