Dec 2020

Ep. #36: “I Shot 2000 Sessions in 1 Year with Groupon!” w/ OWN Boudoir [PODCAST]

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In episode #36 of Find Your Focus, Sarah Witherington explores the wild start in photography that led her to build an elite boudoir business.

1 Groupon Deal, 12 Months, 2000 Sessions:

How Sarah Witherington Built Her Boudoir Photography Business

Feat. Sarah Witherington, OWN Boudoir

Episode #36 show notes

Like so many of us, Sarah Witherington entered adulthood with a limited idea of what she’d do for a living. After working several jobs, Sarah dove into the photography scene with her first-ever Groupon gig: a low-cost coupon that resulted in 2,000—yes, two thousand—clients in her first year!

Today, we chat with Sarah about her fun, frenetic journey into photography, from her pivot toward creativity in college, to her first camera purchase, to the Groupon deal that challenged her talent and launched her photography career.

She shares the lessons she learned about managing high volumes of clients and learning super-fast photo editing. Later, you’ll hear how Sarah niched down to boudoir photography, refining her process to eventually create a luxurious and lucrative client experience.

For insider tips and hilarious anecdotes, tune in today!

Boudoir photo poses of women by OWN Boudoir photography, Atlanta, Sarah Witherington

OWN Boudoir

Key moments in this episode

  • Meet today’s guest, boudoir photographer Sarah Witherington
  • Hear about Sarah’s Groupon deal which became a (literally) overwhelming success!
  • How Sarah managed 2,000 Groupon sales in a single year
  • Sarah’s advice for managing high volumes of clients in one day
  • Find out about systems software and how you can make client management easier
  • Why it is important to stop doing what you’re not enjoying
  • How Sarah’s photography business evolved into the success it is today
  • By increasing her prices, Sarah was able to refine her business process and up revenue
  • Sarah’s parting advice for photographers getting into Groupon, Gilt City, and other deal sites
Color and black and white boudoir portraits of beautiful women by OWN Boudoir

OWN Boudoir


“I probably picked up the camera for the first time in 2007, and it wasn’t until 2014 that I could fully support myself without a second job.”—Sarah Witherington [0:03:11]

“I did a $49 portrait session on Groupon and I sold about 2,000 of them in a matter of seven hours or so. And that launched my business.

—Sarah Witherington [0:05:51]

“I will say this about any photography business: you have to do what works for you.”—Sarah Witherington [0:11:11]

“Looking back, my advice to other photographers is to know your limits with clients and to trust your gut.”—Sarah Witherington [0:18:04]

“It’s pretty common to not love certain types of photography, and it’s also okay to admit defeat—that you might not be good at certain styles of photography.”—Sarah Witherington [0:20:50]

Boudoir posing by OWN Boudoir

OWN Boudoir

Links mentioned in today’s episode

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OWN Boudoir Photography

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