Mar 2021

Ep. #50: Underwater Photography with Elizabeth Blank [PODCAST]

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In episode #50 of Find Your Focus, photographer Elizabeth Blank dives into her process for creating incredible underwater photographs.

From Fish to Mermaids: How to Master Underwater Photography

Feat. Elizabeth Blank

Episode #50 show notes

There are few places on Earth as fascinating for photographers as underwater environments. Today we speak with underwater photography expert Elizabeth Blank.

Elizabeth shares her history with photography, including details about burnout and what led her to fall in love with the medium all over again. Learn her top tips for novice underwater photographers, explore different entry levels, and consider the sort of gear you’ll need to get going.

In detail, Elizabeth describes her own tech and gear setup, as well as the photography settings that allow her to make the perfect photograph. From dive masks to weighted belts to ideal camera settings, Elizabeth tells all.

To hear about how you can master underwater photography, dive into this episode today!

photo of a child swimming

Elizabeth Blank

Key moments in this episode

  • Introducing today’s guest, Elizabeth Blank
  • Elizabeth shares details about her background and career
  • How Elizabeth fell in love with photography all over again
  • What inspired Elizabeth to get into underwater photography
  • Elizabeth’s advice to those who want to get into underwater photography
  • Which gadgets and accessories are best for a plug-and-play approach
  • Elizabeth’s favorite housing units
  • How to stay steady when focusing on underwater subjects
  • Which lenses Elizabeth uses for underwater photography
  • Elizabeth talks about how you can take the best underwater shots possible
  • Recommended settings for shooting underwater
underwater photo of a child swimming

Elizabeth Blank


“In 2016, I really started feeling like I was burning from both ends. I went underwater with my camera and the initial feeling I had for photography was rekindled. I just fell in love with that genre of photography.” — Elizabeth Blank [0:02:25]

“When people think of underwater photography, they feel overwhelmed and think that they need lots of gear. The nice thing is, there are so many different levels of entry into the water.” — Elizabeth Blank [0:08:29]

“My biggest advice is just being intentional when you put your camera within the housing unit. Don’t be distracted, take your time and you’ll keep your gear safe.” — Elizabeth Blank [0:12:14]

underwater photo of a child playing

Elizabeth Blank

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