Ep. #52: Adventure Elopement Photography with Hazel & Lace [PODCAST]

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In episode #52 of Find Your Focus, photographer Megan MacPhail reveals the methods that have made her adventure elopement business a success. 

Breaking Into Adventure Elopement Photography

Feat. Megan MacPhail, Hazel & Lace

Episode #52 show notes

Elopement photography is vastly different from wedding photography! Today we speak with adventure elopement photographer Megan MacPhail about her industry’s nuances.

We begin by learning how Megan first became an elopement photography. After describing her challenges as a veterinary doctor, she reveals her burning desire to pursue a career that would feed her soul.

Megan reveals how Hazel & Lace helps couples plan their elopements—a process that many couples are overwhelmed by. To support her clients with big ideas, Megan has developed intimate knowledge of various elopement locations, expanding her “idea catalog” as her business grows. 

To conclude the show, Megan describes the most common mistakes she sees from novice elopement photographers. She touches on mindset, staying true to your “why,” and the need for quick turnaround times.

Join us today and find out more about the growing adventure elopement niche!

A bride and groom snuggle close in a wide overgrown field overlooking sun-soaked mountains as their two dogs rest at their feet.

Hazel & Lace

Key moments in this episode

  • Introducing today’s guest, Megan from Hazel & Lace
  • Megan tells us how she got into elopement photography
  • Hear about Megan’s early career
  • Why it is perfectly okay to switch careers to better suit your values
  • How Megan helps couples plan their elopements
  • Why being an elopement photographer is such an involved job
  • Ways Megan expands her location knowledge
  • Hear about Megan’s favorite shooting locations.
  • Some of the biggest elopement mistakes made by those starting out in the niche
  • How Megan sets herself apart from other elopement photographers
A bride a groom kiss lightly beside a shimmering lake in the shadow of a huge, snow-covered mountain

Hazel & Lace


“Rocky Mountain National Park is a huge place for elopements. It’s second only to Las Vegas, so it was already really popular to elope there. So I got a bunch of inquiries like right off the bat.” — Megan MacPhail [0:01:43]

“You don’t have to travel to be an elopement photographer, but that was just what I wanted. That’s what I wanted for my life and for my business, so that’s what I did.” — Megan MacPhail [0:02:50]

“It’s the fear of actually showing yourself and being your own person and being unique and playing to your strengths. I think those are the biggest mistakes I see.” — Megan MacPhail [0:15:52]

A bride and groom gaze into one another's eyes as they stand at the edge of a red rock cliff overlooking a tremendous canyon

Hazel & Lace

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