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Apr 2021

Ep. #54: How to Sell Image Preservation with The Photo Managers [PODCAST]

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In episode #54 of Find Your Focus, learn the value of offering image preservation services to your clients.

Preserve the Past: How to Offer Image Preservation as an Add-On Service

Feat. Cathi Nelson, The Photo Managers

Episode #54 show notes

It’s one thing to capture moments on camera; but preserving photographs can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s where Cathi Nelson comes in. Cathi offers white-glove services that help clients preserve their most valuable photographic assets. Her company, The Photo Managers, also offers webinars, masterminds, and marketing classes to those wanting to generate income from managing photos.

Kicking things off, Cathi tells us about the history behind her company and how she became a leading service provider in her field. We then chat with her about how she has navigated the pandemic and find out the reasons why business is booming. 

Cathi reveals details about her own preservation business and expands on possible opportunities to be had. She also shares how she scans hundreds, if not thousands of photographs, and how you can create and maintain long-term image preservation clients, too!

To find out why photo preservation can be lucrative and time-efficient, be sure to listen in!

Key moments in this episode

  • Meet today’s guest, Cathi Nelson
  • Cathi tells us how she got into the photo managing world
  • Hear about the professional services Cathi offers photographers
  • How the pandemic has helped Cathi’s business
  • Why it is important to preserve photographs
  • The process of digitizing photos and how to generate income from it
  • Cathi expands on her photo managing community
  • Hear some success stories that have come from Cathi’s community
A person wearing cotton gloves gently places negatives on a lightbox in preparation for scanning

The Photo Managers


“I wanted to help people experience their photos and stories in a meaningful way. Now, I run an entire organization teaching others how to do that and we’ve had 11 years of phenomenal success.” — Cathi Nelson [0:02:30]

“Miss Freddie does only remote digital photo organizing from her home and has like tripled her income.” — Cathi Nelson [0:06:06]

“We say to people: do what you love and outsource the rest.” — Cathi Nelson [0:11:42]

A photo restoration specialist stands beside a photo printer that rests on a table covered in old photographs

The Photo Managers

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