Apr 2021

Ep. #55: Try a New Niche w/ Joe Dantone [PODCAST]

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In episode #55 of Find Your Focus, photographer Joe Dantone explains how to branch out and add new types of photography to your workflow. 

Take the Leap: Explore New Genres in Photography

Feat. Joe Dantone

Episode #55 show notes

Today’s guest is Joe Dantone, a wedding photographer and commercial photographer. When he decided to grow his business by adding commercial photography services, he discovered that it was very different from the other genres he had experience in. 

In this episode, Joe shares his experience of taking the leap and exploring a new genre, explains the importance of bids and contracts for commercial photography, and goes over his tips for getting started with commercial photography, including always listening, getting on the phone with your clients, and creating spec work.

Tune in today!

Photographer Joe Dantone works on a commercial set photographing athletes

Behind the scenes with Joe Dantone

Key moments in this episode

  • More about Joe’s journey into photography; from gear head to wedding photographer
  • Why Joe split his business into two separate brands, one for commercial photography and one for wedding photography
  • The lessons he learned in transitioning from one genre to another: always listen
  • Some of the key things Joe did to successfully launch his commercial brand
  • How long it took him to make the transition and find what he wanted to specialize in
  • How commercial photography differs from wedding or portrait photography regarding contracts, pricing, and bids
  • A tip for those starting in commercial photography: always get on the phone with a client
A runner jogs through the woods in this commercial photo by Joe Dantone

Joe Dantone


“Even though commercial is a lot more controlled than weddings, it brings on a totally different set of stresses.” — Joe Dantone [0:06:13]

“The way I look at licensing and pricing is what those images mean to the person that you’re shooting them for. I have set licensing rates for different levels of corporations and businesses.” — Joe Dantone [0:12:52]

“Always keep learning and shooting.” — Joe Dantone [0:16:36]

A pastry chef poses in his kitchen in this commercial image by Joe Dantone

Joe Dantone

Links mentioned in today’s episode

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