Booking Clients
Apr 2021

Ep. #56: Here’s Why You’re Not Booking Clients w/ Michelle Harris [PODCAST]

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In episode #56 of Find Your Focus, photographer Michelle Harris uncovers the most common reasons that many photographers can’t book clients.

The Most Common Reasons You’re Not Booking Clients

Feat. Michelle Harris

Episode #56 show notes

At some point in your photography career, you’ll likely find yourself struggling to book clients. We’ve brought Michelle Harris on the show today to discuss WHY you’re not booking clients, and to learn how to conquer this challenge.

As the most expensive photographer within a 50 mile radius of her home, Michelle explains why you should never price yourself cheaply, the best way to handle phone calls with potential clients, and the importance of never comparing your photography journey to anyone else’s!

Michelle’s passion for her business will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action to improve your own strategy.

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Michelle Harris

Key moments in this episode

  • Michelle’s initial reason for starting photography and the love she has for it
  • How Michelle’s job as an insurance agent has helped her in her photography business
  • Don’t ever compare your photography journey to anyone else’s
  • If you’re not booking clients, something is wrong with your process
  • Examples of why you might not be booking clients, and advice on how you can change that
  • The value in picking up the phone and potential clients who have shown interest in your work
  • Helpful advice on the best way to handle phone calls with clients
  • Where you can access Michelle’s phone scripts
  • Don’t worry about other photographers’ prices; Michelle charges more than any other photographer within a 50 mile radius of her home
  • Why it’s better to be expensive and have occasional sales, instead of starting off with low prices
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Michelle Harris


“You can’t compare your journey—it’s not going to be the same. It’s an important lesson to learn.” — Michelle Harris [0:04:17]

You gotta dissect your business and figure out where it’s going wrong so that you can fix it.” — Michelle Harris [0:07:12]

“Starting off with just calling is huge because even if they pick up the phone and right now is not a good time to talk, they’ll still remember that you called.” — Michelle Harris [0:09:11]

“Be expensive, raise your prices and then just have a sale if you feel that people aren’t booking.” — Michelle Harris [0:15:21]

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Michelle Harris

Links mentioned in today’s episode

M Harris Hustlers Website

M Harris Hustlers on Facebook

M Harris Studios on Instagram

Listen to more episodes of Find Your Focus HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.

Booking Clients
Apr 2021
Booking Clients
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