Ep. #57: Maddie Nichole’s Incredible Senior Rep Program [PODCAST]

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In episode #57 of Find Your Focus, photographer Maddie Nichole outlines her successful senior rep program.

How to create an irresistible high school senior rep program

Feat. Maddie Nichole

Episode #57 show notes

Is there anything more amazing than a community of friends connected by great memories and strong bonds? For high school senior girls, it’s especially powerful to have a community of peers who are all going through the same things at the same time. 

Community is exactly what Maddie Nichole strives to empower. Maddie is a Montana-based girls’ high school senior portrait photographer whose senior program is changing lives. She doesn’t just take senior photos; she creates a senior tribe of girls who gather for activities, adventures, and support during their senior year.

In this episode, Maddie explains how she built the program—and how you can create a senior tribe of your own! 

A high school senior girls poses wearing a gray sweater on a Montana hilltop

Maddie Nichole Photography

Key moments in this episode

  • Maddie talks about her business and how she got into photography
  • Hear about Maddie’s Tribe and what they do together as a group
  • Why Maddie joined Tracy’s tribe as a senior and what she learned from it
  • She provides a description of what the group is 
  • How Maddie markets her group and gets seniors to sign up for the Tribe
  • The biggest things the girls walk away with: a better idea of adventures
  • Hear about the non-profit Tracy’s Closet and what they do in terms of giving back
  • Some of the challenges that have come up while running the tribe: COVID virtuality 
  • Advice for someone wanting to start a senior tribe of their own tribe: make it about more than just the photos
A high school senior girl leans agains the side of a small airplane

Maddie Nichole Photography


“[The Tribe] is just a super awesome chance for girls to get together, and be brave, and gain confidence, and hang out, and do some awesome things, and have some really cool adventures.” — Maddie Nichole [0:07:15]

“Having a community of girls who are going through the same thing as you are at the same time is so powerful.” — Maddie Nichole [0:09:17]

A high school senior girl in a white mini dress stands in a field looking into the distance

Maddie Nichole Photography

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