May 2021

Ep. #58: Setting Goals with Katie Wussow [PODCAST]

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In episode #58 of Find Your Focus, business coach Katie Wussow demonstrates how to set actionable, achievable goals for your business.

The Key to Setting Goals When Life is Uncertain

Feat. Katie Wussow

Katie Wussow chats with Logan Fahey for the Find Your Focus podcast

Katie Wussow

Episode 58 show notes

You’ll be at your most flexible, adaptable, and spontaneous when you start with a plan—even in the midst of uncertainty (like a global pandemic!) 

Listen in as Katie Wussow reveals the basics of goal-setting. As a business coach and finance teacher, Katie provides foundational financial and business strategies to creative entrepreneurs. Why are these strategies so important? Because they help entrepreneurs like YOU turn passion into PROFIT!

You’ll begin planning for the coming year all while learning when to revise your goals as-needed. Katie’s approach removes the stress of goal-setting and helps you avoid the mistakes many people make when planning for their futures.

An Apple laptop sits on a white table surrounded by office supplies. Hands are typing on the keyboard.

Katie Wussow

Key moments in this episode

  • Learn how Katie helps creatives develop solid business plans
  • How to set goals when so much is still unknown and unpredictable in the wake of COVID-19
  • Why people don’t like setting goals
  • How to start with a plan and why planning makes you flexible and adaptable
  • Explore themes that can help you stay focused on the right priorities for your business
  • Katie shares key points for identifying your goals and structuring them appropriately
  • Why goals should push and motivate you—not keep you comfy
  • How to find your “why” so you can pivot as needed without losing your focus
  • What it means to pivot your tactics, not your values
  • Take not of the most common mistakes Katies sees businesses make when goal-setting
  • The tops tips for planning your goals? Don’t be afraid, start small, and write it down!
Business coach Katie Wussow sits in her clean, bright office with her daughters at her side.

Katie Wussow


“Something that’s always been true—pandemic or otherwise—is that, when you set a goal, you don’t know if you’re going to achieve it.” — @KatieWussow [0:03:49]

“The value of goal setting and planning is the process itself, not the end product of whatever goal you land on.” — @KatieWussow [0:04:41]

“The thing to remember is: you can be the most flexible and the most adaptable and the most spontaneous when you are starting with a plan.” — @KatieWussow [0:06:00]

“The purpose of your business is not for you to get things done. The purpose of your business is to make money doing what you love to do. Your goals need to be outcome-oriented things that show you whether your business is doing that for you. That shows you whether you’re making money doing what you love to do.” — @KatieWussow [0:12:14]

“One of the main benefits of goal-setting is focusing: helping you to focus your limited time, energy, and resources on the most important things that you want to happen.” — @KatieWussow [0:22:45]

“People, in general, are more likely to be successful with their goals when their goals are more difficult.” — @KatieWussow [0:24:50]

Katie Wussow stands in her bright, clean office wearing a bright pink shirt

Katie Wussow

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