Ep. #59: SEO for Beginners w/ Valerie Clark [PODCAST]

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In episode #59 of Find Your Focus, coach Valerie Clark proves how SEO helps photographers build businesses that thrive—anywhere and everywhere! 

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Feat. Valerie Clark

Episode 59 show notes

Getting your photography business featured on the first page of Google is definitely not easy. But it CAN be done! And Valerie Clark can tell you how.

Valerie had no choice but to learn the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Her husband’s career required regular relocation, so Valerie needed the ability to land her business on Google’s page one with every new move. On today’s show, she shares her top tips for making your own business easy to find for new customers.

Learn how to define the best keywords for your brand, use Google’s free SEO resources, develop an impactful blog, and plan an SEO strategy that will support your business no matter where you live—or where you move! You’ll also explore the most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

Interested in learning more and getting custom SEO coaching? Valerie introduces her brand-new 1:1 coaching program! 

A pregnant woman in a blue dress stands under a bright sky in the middle of a corn field. Photo by Valerie Clark.

Valerie Clark

Key moments in this episode 

  • Learn how Valerie grew from a kid-with-a-camera to a full-time professional
  • Understand how SEO empowered Valerie to maintain a thriving business even as she moved from city to city
  • Get to know what makes some keywords better than others
  • Find the free resources Google has available to anyone
  • Learn why image size matters—to your clients and to Google!
  • Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics, the #1 FREE tool for tracking your website’s success
A pregnant woman labors at home in a blue blow-up tub full of water. Photo by Valerie Clark

Valerie Clark


“I dove in headfirst, and listened to a lot of free content on YouTube, and just started implementing it in my business. And within two weeks, I was able to get on the first page for Strasburg birth photographer.”  — Valerie Clark [0:04:17]

“If you have those keywords in every single page of your website, then Google’s going to recognize it as good content—valuable content. And it’s going to bump it up pages.” — Valerie Clark [0:06:49]

Don’t hide your keywords and don’t spam your website with keywords. You have to put them in there organically. If not, Google’s not going to boost up your page.” — Valerie Clark [0:08:09]

A woman in a white dress holds her baby daughter in her lap as she sits in green grass with a field of flowers behind her. Photo by Valerie Clark

Valerie Clark

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