May 2021

Ep. #61: Master Your Photo Studio Setup w/ Jessica Robicheaux [PODCAST]

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In episode #61 of Find Your Focus, one photographer tells how she designed her photo studio—and how YOU can do the same!

Studio Shooting: Set-Up, Equipment, Light: Oh, My!

Feat. Jessica Robicheaux with Bushels & Pecks Photography

Episode 61 show notes

Studio photography can seem daunting—especially if you’re used to the ease and beauty of natural light. But as Bushels & Pecks owner Jessica explains in today’s conversation, it might not be as hard as you think.

Jessica dove into photography full-time after she became a mother. She left her elementary education career behind and started small in a spare bedroom at home.

When Jessica committed fully to indoor studio shooting, she did encounter learning curves and hurdles. But she insists that, with a little research, you can overcome your fears and establish a style that suits your vision.

Listen to learn how Jessica manages the technical side of her work, how she has embraced efficiency, and how much she adores the human face.

black and white studio portrait of a blonde girl

Bushels & Pecks Photography

Key moments in this episode

  • Jessica’s early interest in photography and her journey with the medium thus far
  • The current business setup that Jessica has; her exciting studio space and rapid growth
  • Different elements of photography that have drawn Jessica in and her initial reliance on natural light
  • The benefits that Jessica has experienced through the process of niching down
  • Locating ideal clients and matching these to the kind of photography you want to pursue
  • How Jessica developed her beautiful and simplistic style of studio photography
  • Jessica’s equipment setup in her studio and her aspirations towards simplicity.
  • Tips for getting started with studio photos; research, simplicity, experimentation, and more
  • The mentorship offer that Jessica has recently made available
black and white studio portrait of a brunette boy

Bushels & Pecks Photography


“It wasn’t until I had my son about six years ago that it was less about pretty pictures and more about the meaning behind the photo and the memory it captured.” — Jessica [0:00:44]

“I started charging for sessions while I was teaching elementary school, so I would teach all day and then I’d go meet a family at a local park in the evenings for golden hour.” — Jessica [0:01:21]

“Photography is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I never went back to teaching. I set up a little makeshift studio in my spare bedroom, and the rest is history.” — Jessica [0:02:37]

studio portrait of a little girl in black and white

Bushels & Pecks Photography

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