Road Trip Wrap Up


The ShootProof Summer Road Trip has certainly been nothing short of an adventure! With over 1,500 miles under our belts and at least 18 iced coffees to keep us going on those long days of driving, we’ve collected four amazing podcasts that we absolutely can’t wait to share with you!
In Nashville we met up with a group of locals at Westlight Studios and heard Sean McLellan talk about the logistics of pricing yourself at the high end. We had the chance to connect, chat, and eat pizza (yum!) late into the evening.
Washington, D.C.
We drove out to Manassas to Rachel Brenke’s studio, where we talked about photography and the law. We definitely learned a lot about what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to the legal aspects of running a photography business, so we’re eager to share that content with our photographers!
We had a short stopover here with the always-incredible Ginny Corbett. She spoke with us about Filling Your Life Tank, a topic that really, really resonates with our team. We munched on bacon wrapped figs and sampled some local beer while we listened.  To wrap up the night, Ginny taught us how to play the ukulele, and our lives felt complete!
Last but not least, we stopped in the gorgeous, historic city of Charleston to spend time with one of our dear friends, Richard Israel. Richard is an artist through and through, and he challenged us with the idea that constraints, while they can be frustrating, are actually essential to the creative process.
What’s next?
Over the next several months, we’ll get these amazing podcasts out to you here on our blog (we’ll remind you via email, so if you aren’t on our list, get on it now!)
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We thoroughly enjoyed our road trip this summer, and we’re excited about the prospect of having more meet-ups in cities around the country. Where would you like us to visit next?


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