ShootProof Beta Launches!

It’s here! We officially launched ShootProof Beta yesterday afternoon, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Many photographers have commented on the ease of use, the clean design, and the simplicity of the interfaces. While we at ShootProof have spent the past few weeks testing all of the site’s features and tweaking things here and there, we knew that once real photographers with different perspectives, methods, and needs started using ShootProof, they would come up with more ideas for us – and of course, sniff out a few bugs we missed. We really appreciate all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far, we’ve been fixing all of the bugs as we receive them and we’re taking note of all of the new feature suggestions; many are ideas we already have on our ‘future release list’, and some we’ll be asking for feedback from our entire photographer community.

If you’re interested in participating in ShootProof Beta before it’s available to the general public, please contact us and we’ll give you access to the web’s newest – and in our humble opinion, best – photo proofing service!

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