ShootProof Crosses Borders

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We have just expanded our international support for ShootProof to several new countries around the globe.

Photographers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa are now able to use all of ShootProof’s excellent photo proofing and sales features!

If you’ve already been using ShootProof from one of these locations, you can update your ‘Locale Info’ to your country in your Studio Preferences tab. This will updated your time and date information, display your dates in the customary format for your location, and default to display your native currency. You’ll also want to double check your currency settings in your Payment Gateway area as well, as we’ve now added currency support where we previously only supported dollars.

Locale Info in Preferences TabCurrency Setting in Payment Gateway Preferences
(Note, our payment gateways do not support the South African Rand, so online payment processing is not available for that currency; all other supported currencies can be processed by either or PayPal, check with those services for details).

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