ShootProof Just Made Your Online Galleries Way More Awesome!

You’re already sharing and selling your photos with our online galleries, booking clients with our contracts and invoices, and announcing promotions with our automated emails.

Now, ShootProof has a ton of killer new features – features you’ve been asking for!

ShootProof Just Made Your Online Galleries Way More Awesome!

Dynamic Downloading!

Our new digital downloading enhancements give you total control. You decide who downloads, what size they download, how much they download, and if your images are watermarked!

Simple Solutions for More Sales

If you’ve ever sold a photography session that included ALL the digital photos simply because it was easy, ShootProof has a solution. For example:

  1. Offer Session A with 3 digital downloads for $
  2. Offer Session B with 10 digital downloads for $$
  3. Offer Session C with ALL digital downloads for $$$

Now, everything from mini sessions to weddings to headshots can benefit from digital downloads. ShootProof will enforce the downloading limits for you! Boost sales by offering additional downloads through your shopping cart!

ShootProof Just Made Your Online Galleries Way More Awesome!
You can offer multiple FREE download sizes to your gallery visitors! This gallery’s visitors can choose to download the “Original” file size, or a “Social Size” (a photo sized for social media). Here you see that the visitor is allowed five more Social Size downloads. They can purchase additional downloads if the photographer is offering them for sale in their shopping cart.

Digital Download Control Like WHOA

You determine exactly what happens to your digital images by creating “Free Digitals Permissions” in your Gallery Settings. These fully customizable permissions apply to:

  • the entire gallery, or
  • a specific album or albumsor
  • a Linked Contact you’ve selected.

ShootProof Just Made Your Online Galleries Way More Awesome!
These are just a few of the custom downloading permissions you can create for a gallery! This gallery’s visitors can download unlimited social media-sized images with a watermark, and five high-resolution images using a PIN. The Linked Contact, Kelly, can download unlimited high-resolution images. Go, Kelly!

“What Can I DO With This Download Stuff?”

Well… just about everything!

Offer Different Download Sizes To Different People

Let’s say your client’s package includes FREE downloading of ALL full-resolution digital JPEGs. But you don’t want every single gallery visitor getting the high-resolution files, too. Now you can safely grant full access to only your client, but restrict the other gallery visitors to downloading only small, watermarked photos for social media sharing!

Include Your Watermark… Or Don’t!

Your custom watermark is now an available option on every digital download size! Watermark your gallery images – but not the downloads. Or don’t watermark your gallery images, but do apply your watermark to downloads. You can also watermark some sizes but not others. It’s all in your control!

Give Only As Much As You Want To Give

Offer every single gallery visitor a pre-determined quantity of FREE digital downloads.  For example, you could give five free photos to each gallery visitor – then charge for additional downloads.

Limit WHERE Visitors Can Download

Allow guests to download ONLY from select albums within the gallery. For example, permit FREE downloads only from the “Photo Booth” album.

Preset & Save Time

Along with your other most-used gallery settings, add your favorite digital downloading permissions to your presets. Apply these presets to your online galleries with the click of a button!

ShootProof Just Made Your Online Galleries Way More Awesome!
With a preset for every type of session, your customizations will be in place just as soon as your gallery upload is complete!

Quicker & Easier & Awesome-er. Er.

Customizing up your online galleries should be easy and intuitive. These tiny tools may seem simple, but they’re fantastic time-savers.

Savvy Sorting

Now you can sort the images in your online galleries by timestamp, filename, or with our nifty drag-and-drop tool. It’s SO EASY, we can do it without coffee. Take a look:

Watch drag-and-drop in action!

1 – 2 – 3 – Replace

OOPS. Did you upload the wrong photo? Need to exchange an image for a retouched version? Easily replace a photo in only three clicks. No need to delete, re-upload, and re-sort. Your replacement image will appear in the old photo’s spot.

Super-Cool Album Covers

Too busy with your awesome photographer-life to choose a cover image for every album in your gallery? Let us handle that for you! ShootProof can auto-select the cover photos for your albums during upload.

Magnificently Mobile

Manage your galleries from your phone or mobile device! View and filter all your galleries, edit each gallery’s settings, and share your galleries on-the-go.


Marketing Magic: Vendor Albums

Convert any album into a private, hidden Vendor Album. Share directly with a designer, stylist, publisher, or other creative, and the album will become private to that album visitor.

Your NEW Virtual Networking Sidekick

Have you ever uploaded a gallery just so a florist or boutique owner could see photos of their work? Have you ever watermarked a selection of images solely to deliver them to a vendor? Those days are OVER.

Now you can drag-and-drop vendor-friendly images into an album just for them. Share it only to the vendor, and determine IF they can downloadhow much they download, what size they download, and whether the downloaded images are watermarked.

And We’re Only Getting Started…

2018 has SO many great things in store.

How will you use the newest features?

Tell us in the comments!

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