ShootProof Launches!

Here we are, nearly a year after starting this project as an answer to the woes of one of our photographer friends. We set out to create a better photo proofing site. A site that looks modern, professional, and clean. A photo proofing site that keeps the photographer in mind, and helps them keep enough of their sales dollars to live the dream of quitting their day job.

We think we’ve done it. ShootProof officially launched on Halloween evening (we were too geeked up on Reeses Peanut Butter cups to do a proper blog post at the time). In between trick-or-treaters, we put the final wheels in motion to bring ShootProof out of its test mode and officially release the site to the public.

And we made an important decision as we led up to our launch. We decided to do three things that will save our photographers money:

1.We lowered our prices. Slashed, really. Our mac daddy plan dropped by $45 per month. That’s $540 per year in savings for our photographers!

2. We increased the number of photos per plan. We tripled the number of photos for our lowest plan!

3. We decided to offer a totally free option. No charge, completely free, for up to 250 photos. We think this will help those photographers who are just starting out to make those first few sales and get up the courage to go for it. Also, we don’t mind photographers sticking their toes in the ShootProof waters. We know once you start using ShootProof, you’ll jump right in.

That’s the latest ShootProof news, we’re so excited to have a fantastic resource for the professional photographer! And we look forward to hearing from our new users!

Robert, Colin, Lorien, and Casey

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