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#ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills (“Emotional artist.”)

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The #ShootProofPro series spotlights REAL photographers who inspire us and remind us to Focus On What Matters Most™. This week: Spanki Mills.

#ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

Years in business: 10
Home base: Austin, Texas (USA)
ShootProof plan: 25,000 Photos

brunette smiling on a porch

#ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills, photographed by a friend

ShootProof: What kind of photographs are you known for?

Spanki: I’m an emotional artist. Broken is beautiful and I capture you for you.

A collection of Spanki’s prints and products. White House Custom Colour (WHCC) is Spanki’s preferred professional lab.

ShootProof: When you were a kid, what did you think you’d do for a living when you grew up?

Spanki: Dog catcher.

young brunette woman walks through a field of yellow flowers wearing a silk robe

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: Share three adjectives your friends would use to describe you.

Spanki: Free-spirited, emotive, light-hearted.

interracial family sitting in a field

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What inspires you and gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Spanki: I’d love to say “my children” and partly that’s true, but I also think it’s okay to say “myself.” I have ideas and dreams and goals for me.

Every day I get up excited to see what my heart shows me about myself.

I hope my children see that it’s okay to go for dreams even if it means swimming up stream from others, that big ideas take big nerves and being brave for yourself is okay. That failure is a lesson not a life sentence, and to always dream beyond the dream.

blonde hair waving in the wind, orange coat

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: Is photography your full-time gig? If not, what else do you do?

Spanki: I actually have three jobs! Photography, interior design, and hair care.

woman in white dress standing in front of a camper

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What’s your favorite cause / charity to volunteer with or donate to?

Spanki: Right now I’m working with a children’s home in Ecuador: The Compassion Project.

young brunette woman in a blue tube top

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What’s your personal mantra?

Spanki: “It’ll be fine.”

black and white photos of a couple embracing close-up

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What’s your Myers-Briggs type / Enneagram number / astrological sign, or any other fun tidbit that you feel perfectly sums up your personality?

Spanki: ENFP (Myers-Briggs), and I can’t tell on the Enneagram. Mostly a 7, but it changes.

young brunette woman sitting in front of an ivy-covered wall

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What pisses you off and pushes your buttons? 

Spanki: Narrow minded people. We have so much to learn from one another, new ideas, different views…

You don’t have to agree, you don’t have to do things like anyone else; but I can promise you if you see differences with open eyes, you’ll learn so much more about who you are that it becomes a gift.

mom, dad, and two kids stroll hand-in-hand past a brick wall

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What makes ShootProof the right choice for your business?

Spanki: Oh my goodness, the ease. I don’t over complicate things. Simplicity is the name of my game and ShootProof is my lifesaver!

young African-American man in a plaid shirt looking serious

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: Share three other tools / software platforms that your business could NOT survive without.

Spanki: I actually keep it very simple. I made my own automated emails, and I’ve priced myself so that I could take fewer clients a month and keep it all doable on my end. So ShootProof is truly the only company I can’t live without!

female couple hold hands and stand close against a white brick wall

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What’s one of your 5-year goals (personal or professional)?

Spanki: People have preached “pick one thing and go with it,” and it’s always felt so unsettling to me. I’m a creative. I’m not defined by photography even though it’s a huge part of how I tell the stories I see. I also have a huge heart for women struggling to find self acceptance.

So if you ask me today where I want to be in 5 years, I hope I’m making an impact on women’s lives, helping them have the confidence to pursue their creative gifts without feeling like they aren’t enough or can’t fit into someone else’s box of perfection.

boho couple strolls hand in hand through a desert

Photo by #ShootProofPro: Spanki Mills

ShootProof: What’s your definition of Focus On What Matters Most™ ? 

Spanki: Happiness. MY happiness. We all get to define what success and happiness looks like for us.

I learned years ago that success isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

The minute I gave myself permission to focus on what mattered most to ME, that was the moment I truly felt successful and happy.

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