ShootProof’s Use of Amazon Web Services

When began the technical planning process, we knew that having reliable, fast and scalable storage was going to be imperative.  As part of the ShootProof Team had gone through the process in the past of purchasing machines and hosting them in a colocation facility, we knew the different issues that might crop up. We soon turned our attention to Amazon Web Services and in particular S3 and EC2. One of the great things about using the suite of Amazon services is that ever having to worry about replacing a messed up machine is pretty much negated, all you have to do is start up another instance, which usually takes about 3 minutes and you are good-to-go.

One of the great things about using S3 for the storage of photos is that we never have to worry about running out of disk space. S3 automatically handles all of the replication to prevent loss of data, which allows the ShootProof Team to concentrate on developing a better system for selling photos online which in turn helps make photographers more money.

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