Six Reasons to Submit Your Photos for Publishing

Between client meetings, e-mails, lead management, shooting, editing, and delivering images, photographers wear a lot of hats, and they have a LOT to think about. Maybe, for you, submissions are something that you typically don’t get around to. However, there are a bunch of benefits for submitting your images, and you might find that it’s beneficial to carve out some time for it!


1a_ShootProof Six-01  Get Noticed.

Wedding blogs have a different (and sometimes much larger) audience than personal or business blogs, so submitting your weddings and getting them published can drastically increase the number of eyes on your images. That kind of exposure can go a long way towards growing your inquiries and bookings! When you think of it that way, submitting your work is a super effective (and inexpensive) marketing strategy.


1a_ShootProof Six-02  Inspire Others.

If you’ve ever perused Pinterest, you know how excited people get about visual inspiration. When your images get published (and Pinned, and Tweeted, and Instagrammed) it provides inspiration for other people, and it also provides an opportunity for others to share your work. In fact, over 90% of couples use wedding blogs and websites to help them plan their own event.


1a_ShootProof Six-03  Recognize Vendors.

Submitting your work is a great opportunity to give recognition to all of the amazing vendors who helped to make your clients’ event so beautiful and special. By getting your photos published, you are also able to give props to the planner, floral designer, caterer, stationer, and every other person who lent their talent to the day.


1a_ShootProof Six-04  Excite Your Clients!

Other than having BEAUTIFUL images, nothing makes clients happier than seeing their images get shared. It’s like a big pat on the back for having such a gorgeous event, and it lets your clients know how proud you are that you got to document their celebration. It’s a win-win for everyone!


1a_ShootProof Six-05  Get Specific.

You shot your first destination wedding and now you want to shoot more? Submitting your photos to a blog that specifically features destination weddings is the way to go. You can use submissions as a way to get specific about which kinds of clients you want to market to and work with more. It’s targeted and specific, and we think that’s a win!


1a_ShootProof Six-06  It’s Easier Than You Think!

Maybe you don’t submit your work because it takes too much time or because it always gets put on the back burner, but submitting and sharing images is easier than you think. Systems like Two Bright Lights help streamline and automate the submission process so that everything you need to get your events published is in one place. The entire process is now just a click or two away.


Now that they’ve integrated with ShootProof, uploading your photos to Two Bright Lights has never been quicker or easier. 


Here’s what users are saying about Two Bright Lights:

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“My wedding inquiries have increased by 30% due to the exposure.” – Keith Cephus


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