Snapizzi + ShootProof: Solutions for Volume Photographers

School, sports, dance, and event photographers have a very particular workflow. They have unique needs for their photo proofing, such as multi-album galleries, special security and password requirements, and organized uploading. This is why we are over-the-top excited to announce our new partnership with Snapizzi, a company that is revolutionizing high-volume photography.

Photographers will love how Snapizzi streamlines the entire uploading process: print camera cards that allow for a quick and easy upload, with no sorting or rearranging necessary. Gallery names and passwords are automatically created and assigned by uploading one simple file, so there’s no need to manually make and keep track of hundreds of passwords at a time.  Clients can search for their photos without having to click through multiple levels of albums or scroll through thousands of photos. Group photos (think class composites or team images) are automatically connected to the subjects that are in them, and no longer require the photographer to arrange them all individually or create a separate gallery.

Perhaps the best part is that when you link your ShootProof and Snapizzi accounts, the magic happens behind the scenes and everything that happens in Snapizzi is automatically reflected in your ShootProof account! Your clients continue to view photos and place orders in your beautiful ShootProof galleries, but your process of getting the photos (and the clients!) there is drastically improved.

Other features we’re confident our volume photographers will love include…

– Support for multi-camera events.
– Speed!  Process and post thousands of images per hour.
– A white-label search portal for customers to find their photos with one click.
– Project data is compiled as a downloadable CSV file, making it easy for photographers to organize galleries and communicate
– Easily organize multiple group shots and individual photos per subject (great for dance schools).
Snapizzi Paperless, which eliminates the need to print cards for picture day!


Ready to test Snapizzi out? Sign up for a free 14 day trial and radically improve your workflow.

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