Sneak Peek: Galleries and Contact Privileges!

***Update: The new galleries and features are now live! September 14, 2015

Your ShootProof galleries are getting an amazing facelift!  Plus, you’ve requested it, and we’re delivering it: the ability to choose a main contact for a gallery and give that person exclusive admin privileges!

Here’s the official sneak peek for what’s coming to your ShootProof account oh-so-soon.

New Gallery and Intro Page Layouts

Select from five beautiful new Intro Page layouts to wow your clients from the moment they arrive at their galleries.

Your galleries will also have two brand new photo page layouts. They’ve been completely redesigned to showcase your work like never before! The gorgeous new slideshow will also impress your clients and be an amazing tool for displaying your images.6b_Layouts
Hiding Photos

Choose a contact for each of your galleries (we call this person a “Linked Contact”). Set up a special access code, and this contact can hide photos from other visitors to the gallery!

This feature is handy when a bride wants to keep the “getting ready” photos to herself or when a new mom wants to keep some of the more personal newborn shots… well, personal. At the holidays, families can still share their galleries with their extended families without giving away the photo they chose for their holiday cards!


Labeling Photos

This Linked Contact can also label the photos in a gallery behind the scenes, with special labels that YOU create.

4a_Linked-Contacts_Copy-Images_02The options here are endless: create labels for “Include in Album”, “Parent Album”, or “Use in Collage.”  Have your client mark images with “Retouch”, “Add to Mobile App”, or “Add to Slideshow.” Or, simply allow clients to sort photos based on “Love,” “Like,” or “Do Not Like.”

You’ll love this brand new way to communicate, and your clients will love the control it gives them over their proofing and ordering flow.



Pre-Registration Access

So, you have the gallery in pre-registration mode to collect email addresses until the special release date. Want your client to see the gallery first before it’s live to the public, and maybe you also want them to start their labeling or choose which photos they want to hide?

Now, it’s super simple. Give the Linked Contact his or her access URL, and they can enter the gallery while it’s still in pre-registration!

Photo Credit: Todd James Photography, Ike & Tash Photography and Motion


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