The Competitor Match from ShootProof

What is the Competitor Match from ShootProof all about?

If you are using a competitive service, ShootProof will give you the equivalent credit dollars to ShootProof for any time remaining in your plan with the competitor. Are you using Pictage, SmugMug, or Zenfolio as examples and have paid them for the service and you feel stuck? No problem, ShootProof will give you credit so that you are not out of pocket for that money and even better you can also stop paying the 20%, 15%, and %12 commission fees that they charge because sales through ShootProof are always commission free! Another advantage, every ShootProof plan comes with every feature, you just choose the plan level that has the photo space that works best for you. All plans have a 30 day free trial. If you have a growing or seasonal business, no problem, you can change plans up or down at any time, even to and from the forever free plan that includes up to 100 photos. Photographers can self-fulfill orders or use ShootProof’s integrated lab partners: Bay Photo, Black River Imaging, and ProDPI.

Questions? or (866) 516-5130

For the Competitor Match sign up and email us during trial.


Listen to our Awesome Customers!

“I continue to be impressed with you ShootProof!!! You listen to your customers suggestions, and you continue to update/improve the site to make our job, the photographer, easier! Keep up the good work and Thank You!!!” -Sabrina Walsh Photography via Facebook

“New user switching over from SmugMug! I’m in love so far! MUCH more user friendly!” -Chelsea Nicole Photography via Facebook

“Currently insanely THRILLED I just let go of Pictage for @ShootProof! #EASY #Photog” -@BraskaJennea via Twitter



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