The Importance of Hustle with Sal Cincotta

In our most recent episode of the ShootProof Podcast, we sat down with Sal Cincotta.

Sal is a photographer, speaker, and the founder of Shutterfest and Shuttermag. He knows what it’s like to wear many hats, and he’s constantly seeking new opportunities to meet the needs of the photography industry. His tenacious work ethic has been a huge asset in the growth of his businesses.

In the podcast, Sal shares how hustle has played an important role in his success in the photography industry, and how he leverages past successes to build future success. He also shares tips for other photographers about how hustle can begin and maintain growth in business.

To find out more about Sal and the educational resources that he creates, check out Behind the Shutter ( Interested in getting involved? Take a look at what you can learn by registering to attend Shutterfest next year (

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