The Importance of Team Building


Last week, the ShootProof team crashed the local bowling alley and brought a whole lot of eating, drinking, laughing, and (rather loud) cheering to the scene. There were teams vying for various trophies and awards, some behind-the-scenes bowling lessons (“Don’t cross your body!”), and of course, plenty of photos.

The entire group firmly believes in the power of teambuilding. Sure, bowling is fun. But the outing accomplished something bigger — it allowed everyone to relax and just be together, without the pressures of work and deadlines controlling every action. It gave people the opportunity to refresh and recharge, and even sparked some new conversations between those who don’t generally work together on a daily basis.

“Everyone let their guards down and just had fun,” Chris commented after the event. Co-founder Robert agreed. “It helped get [people] together that would otherwise not [be able to spend time] with the team.”


By developing and nurturing an atmosphere of camaraderie at the office, teambuilding activities can increase morale, which in turn helps with productivity, stress, and, in general, a positive attitude in the workplace.  “I think it makes us a stronger team and creates closer bonds when we’re able to share experiences outside of work,” Ashley said. “Plus,” Michael added, “this was an opportunity for all of the employees to interact in an environment completely different from what they’re used to.”

Long term, the ShootProof crew plans to have regular outings (no local business is safe from its stampede!), with an end goal to improve communication, increase motivation, and, of course, just have some good ol’ fun as a team.

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The moral of the story? Everybody needs some down time once in a while. Whether it’s a quiet coffee at a local coffeeshop, an afternoon off to catch up with family or friends, or a full-blown get-out-of-my-way-so-I-can-win bowling extravaganza, taking a break from work is essential to productivity and creativity.


What do you to to unwind when the pressures of running a business get to be overwhelming?  Comment below!


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