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Jul 2011

Tip of the Week: Selling Digital Downloads

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So, everyone has an opinion about digital images, but some photogs choose to sell the digital copies of their images, some don’t. If you’re in the ‘don’t’ crowd, you’ll have to wait until next week for an exciting, time-saving tip.

If you think selling digital copies of your images is the way to go – it is more profitable for your market, you don’t have to deal with prints and re-orders, etc, then look at what we’ve got for you.

To set up digital download sales: You’ll find the group already in your price sheet, but inactive. You can choose to offer digital images on some price sheets and not on others.

Once you’ve marked any digital image ‘for sale, the ‘Digital Downloads’ (or whatever you’ve called it) group will now be shown in your client’s shopping carts.

Just like any other item in your price sheet, the client can add these downloads for any given photo.

When a client completes their order, if they have made payment online, they will automatically receive an email from ShootProof with a link to download their photos. If they have chosen to ‘pay later’, the email will not be sent until you mark their order as ‘paid’ in your studio control panel. Download times may vary depending on the size and quantity of the images ordered, and of course the client’s internet connection. If you’ve had a watermark automatically added to your photos with ShootProof, it will be removed before delivery.

You should work out copyright and licensing arrangements with your clients before making digital downloads available for purchase. Do you intend to retain copyright of your images but allow unlimited or limited use of the photos? Many print labs will not allow a client to print professional photos without consent from the photographer, so consider utilizing a written licensing agreement. For PPA members, there are helpful resources on copyright and licensing available online.

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