Tip of the Week: Ungrouped Items

Haven’t edited your price sheets since our upgrades 2 weeks ago? Your items are in a group called ‘ungrouped items’. Sound strange? Well, head into your price sheet and create your OWN group names – ie, ‘prints’, ‘canvases’, etc, or even ‘glossy prints’, ‘matte prints’, ‘metallic prints’ etc.

Drag and drop your items to a new group. Once your ‘ungrouped items’ is empty, it won’t appear in your client’s shopping cart anymore.

Another cool tip: you can create Packages in our Discounts tab (when x, y, and z are added to a shopping cart, the total price changes from the a la carte pricing to your package price). You clients will see that under ‘Available Discounts’. BUT, if you want to make it even more super clear where to find items x, y, and z, you could take it a step further and create a group called ‘Package XYZ’ and have all of those items listed. Just makes it a little easier on your clients to have all items right there in once place. Cool, huh?

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